1995 SARAJEVO, Undermain Theatre, Dallas, Texas

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1995, SARAJEVO, produced by the Undermain Theatre, Dallas, directed by Naum Panovski


The Undermain Theatre, Dallas, Texas. July 1995.

July 25, 1995

Sarajevo is a powerful and searing masterpiece that captures the insanity, sadness, and lost innocence of war. Under the helm of director Naum Panovski, the Undermain’s cast brings beauty and brilliance to Stefanovski’s work, just days before they depart to perform the play at the Ohird Summer Festival in Macedonia.
Hal Karp. The MET, Dallas, Texas. July 1995.

The play works as an elegiac hallucination, never attempting political analysis, but returning again and again to the blank incomprehension that war inspires. In a way, Sarajevo, directed by native Macedonian Naum Panovski, pays grim tribute to the spirit of destruction.
Tom Sime,  The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas. July 1995.

The play as “a meditation and a prayer of hope” for the people of Sarajevo. The point is to get beyond the ideology and understand that these are people living their lives under siege.
Nora Fitzgerald, Dallas Observer, Dallas, Texas. June 1995.

Sarajevo was a prayer for a better world without wars, a world more human and with a human face. Otherwise we will lose both our hearts and minds.
Cvetanka Zojcevska. Vecer, Skopje. Macedonia.

The production of Sarajevo, directed by Naum Panovski, performed in front of the St. Sophia church last night was received with acclamations by deeply moved festival audience. It was a production with emotional shining and superb acting.
D.P. Nova Makedonoja, Skopje. Macedonia