“ODISEJ” / “ODYSSEUS”, Тeatar Ulysses, 2012

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The premiere of my latest play “Odysseus” was on July 20, 2012 at the Teatar Ulysses, Brioni, Croatia.

It was directed by Aleksandar Popovski.

The production received rave reviews and is now on a lengthy tour.

The dates:

Maribor, Slovenia, Slovensko Narodno Gledalisce (10-12 October, 2012)

Zagreb, Croatia, Kazaliste Gavella (8-11 November, 2012)

Novi Sad, Serbia, Srpsko Narodno Pozoriste  (22-24 November, 2013)

Novi Sad, Srpsko Narodno Pozoriste (7-8 February, 2013)

Vienna, Akzent Theater (12 March 2013)  link: Akzent Theater

Novi Sad, Sterijino Pozorje Theatre Festival (2-3 June, 2013)

Budva, Grad Teatar (29 June 2013)

Brioni, Croatia, Kazaliste Ulysses (26-28 July 2013)


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Jutarnji list, Zagreb, 22.7.2012, Tomislav Cadez

Goran Stefanovski is the best playwright from the former Yugoslavia. (…) His main method is parody, only serious. It could be said that Stefanovski writes a kind of a morality play.”


Danas, Belgrade, 18 July 2012, K. R.

 “Leading Macedonian playwright Goran Stefanovski has had British residence for some time and is teaching at Canterbury Christ Church University.”

Delo, Ljubljana, 23.7.2012, Peter Rak

The text is a brilliant anatomy of decomposition of the former state. It highlights the universal antagonisms of the Balkans, especially concepts such as home or “domestic hearthand related major themes of heroism, patriotism and honor, and more intimate feelings of nostalgia, love, eroticism and melancholy. In the irrational Balkans all these characteristics get megalomaniac character and pathos… Ulysses is a fascinating play. Popovski has managed to give shape to an excellent text, where each scene is microscopically coded, every particle offers the complete information, but still remains theatrically exclusive. “

Srpsko Narodno Pozoriste, Novi Sad, www.snp.org.rs, Ivan Jovanovic

“Best production of the decade in this part of the world…Stefanovski’s Odysseus subverts the Homeric myth…(Odysseus) is a classic Balkan type, a worn out farcical version of himself…This dramaturgic and directorial approach presents a phenomenal metaphorical analysis of the history of these parts…An ingenious  production!”  


Novi List, Rijeka, 21.7.2012, Kim Cuculic

“The character of Ulysses, which is very often the inspiration for works of art, in Stefanovski’s play has come to life in a new way, in a brilliant reinterpretation of the classical myth that leads to dialogue with modernity. In a kind of a postmodern game Goran Stefanovski brings the well-known narrative motifs close to our contemporary experience.”  

Vecernji list, Zagreb, 22.7.2012, Denis Derk

“Emotional and liberating premiere of a play by the famous Macedonian playwright Gorana Stefanovski”.


Blic, Beograd, 25.11.2012, Tanja Njezic


“Great production. Excellent performances. Brilliant text and brilliant actors!   Interview of film  director Želimir Žilnik”