List of Plays for Theatre, Film, TV and Radio


by Goran Stefanovski

(for the theatre, film, TV and radio)


Full Length Theatre Plays:

2012 ODISEJ (Odysseus), a play for the theatre, commissioned by Teatar Ulysses, Zagreb, for a production on Brioni, Croatia,directed by Aco Popovski

2010 PUSTI TO (Let it Go) a piece for the theatre, within the production “Rodjenu u YU”, Jugoslovensko Dramsko Pozoriste, Beograd, Serbia, directed by Dino Mustafic, 12 October

2006  THE DEMON OF DEBARMAALO (a play for the theatre) commissioned and produced by the Dramski teatar, Skopje, Macedonia.

2003  EVERYMAN (in immorality play)  commissioned by Theatre Melange, premierred at the Atelje 212 Theatre in Belgrade, Serbia in 2003. English production and UK tour by Theatre Melange in 2004.

2000 HOTEL EUROPA Concept, script and dramaturgy of a major European theatrical production and site-specific project, directed by 9 Eastern European directors, which toured festivals in Vienna, Bonn, Avignon, Stockholm and Bologna. Also produced by  Teater Tko, Koln, Germany, 2004 and Collectiff 12, Comedie Francaise Studio Theatre, 2005.

2000 THE HAGUE  play for the theatre. Commissioned by the Trycicle Theatre, London. Not produced.

1998 TALES OF A CITY (an oratorio) (Commissioned and produced by Theatre Melange and toured venues in England in 1999.)

1998  EURALIEN Script for a huge site-specific project on the themes of alienation and nationalism. Commissioned by Intercult, Stockholm for the 1998 European Cultural Capital. Performed by 50 actors and 13 directors.

1997  CASABALKAN Commissioned by the Tricycle Theatre, London and had its world premiere at the Stadsteatern in Stockholm in 1998.

1996  BACCHANALIA (after Euripides) Presented at the Copenhagen Cultural City of Europe festival and went on a European tour in 1996.

1993 SARAJEVO (Tales from a City) An international production of Jordcircus, Stockholm, Antwerp Cultural City of Europe 1993 and Hamburg Summer Theatre Festival.  It went on an extensive tour across Europe in the summer of 1993, including London International Theatre Festival (Riverside Studios, Hammersmith) and Hamburg International Summer Festival.  It has been published in the UK (Storm magazine), USA (Performing Arts Journal) and (Balkan Blues) Northwestern Univesity Press, Germany (Theater Der Zeit), Poland, Holland and France. Also produced by   University Of Iowa, 1994, University of New York, 1994, Undermain Theatre, Dallas, The University Of Florida, 1998

1991 CERNODRINSKI SE VRACA DOMA ( Chernodrinski Comes Back Home) scenes for the theatre. Premiered at the Dramski Teatar, Skopje. Directed by Slobodan Unkovski.

1989 KULA VAVILONSKA (Shades of Babel) a play for the theatre. Premierred at Dramski teatar Skopje. Best Play of the Year Award at the Macedonian National Theatre Festival, Prilep, 1990.

1988 LONG PLAY (a rock’n’roll mystery play) Premiered during a Yugoslav Theatre Week at the Theater An Der Rühr, Müllheim, Germany.

1987 CRNA DUPKA (The Black Hole) a play for the theatre. Premierred at Makedonski Naroden teatar, Skopje. Best Play of the Year Award at the Yugoslav National Theatre Festival, Novi Sad, for 1988. The Black Hole  was the examination project of the students of direction at the Brooklyn College Department of Theatre, New York, in 1988. It was produced at the Leeds Workshop Theatre, UK, in February 1990. Also eight other international productions.

1985 TETOVIRANI DUSI ( Tattooed Souls) play for the theatre). Premierred at the Dramski Teatar Skopje, directed by Paolo Magelli.  Best Play of the Year Award at the Macedonian National Theatre Festival, Prilep, 1987.

1984 DUPLO DNO (The False Bottom)  theatrical passion. Premierred at the Dramski Teatar, Skopje, directed by Slobodan Unkovski. Best Play of the Year Award at the Macedonian National Theatre Festival, Prilep, 1985. Also five other different productions.

1982 HI-FI (a mutation for the theatre) Best Play of the Year Award at the Macedonian National Theatre Festival, Prilep, 1983. Published in the USA as HI-FI & The False Bottom (translated into English by Patricia Marsh Stefanovska), BkMk Press, University of  Missouri, Kansas City, 1985. Also 17 other different productions.

1981 LET VO MESTO (Flying on the Spot) a fresco for the theatre). Performed by an independent theatre group. Directed by Slobodan Unkovski. Best Play of the Year Award at the Macedonian National Theatre Festival, Prilep, 1982. Also eight different productions.

1979  DIVO MESO (Wild Flesh) a play for the theatre. Premierred at the Dramski Teatar Skopje, directed by Slobodan Unkovski), Award for Best Yugoslav Play of the Year 1980 at the Yugoslav National Theatre Festival, Novi Sad. October Prize of the Republic of Macedonia for exceptional artistic achievement (highest award of the Republic). English translation by Prof. Ralph Bogert published in Slavic and East European Arts, Vol.2, No.1, State University of New York at Stony Brook, fall, 1983. Proud Flesh was given a performed reading at the Tricycle Theatre, Kilburn, London during the Festival of plays from the Former Yugoslavia in August 1993.

1974, YANE ZADROGAZ (a folk fantasia with singing) Based on Macedonian folklore collected by Marko Tsepenkov. The production by Slobodan Unkovski at the Dramski Teatar Skopje was exceptionally successful and was presented at BITEF, Paris and the Caracas Theatre Festival, Venezuela. Best New Playwright Award of the Young Writers’ Society of Novi Sad (Serbia) in 1975.



2003 THE SPIRIT OF FREEDOM (variations on a play by Chernodrinski) Produced by the National Theatre Bitola, Macedonia, produced 2005.

1999 ON THE ROAD TO BAGHDAD Adaptation of the novel of the same name by Güneli Gün, commissioned and produced by the Greencandle Dance Company, London. Performed at Sadler’s Wells, London.

1995, part time collaborator on the devised piece for the theatre Brecht in Hollywood, produced and performed by the Moving Theatre  at Bridge Lane, London.

1991 I LOVE CHERNODRINSKI, (a multi-media performance) Produced by the Bitola National Theatre, Macedonia.

1990  ZODIAC (libretto for a rock ballet) Produced by the Macedonian National Theatre Ballet with music by V. Stefanovski and B.Arsovski.

1989 TRAVIATA (libretto for a rock opera), 1989 Produced by Omladinski Kulturni Centar, Zagreb, Croatia, ex-Yugoslavia.)


Radio plays:

1975 SHAKESPEARE THE APPRENTICE Produced for Macedonian Radio in 1975.


One-act plays:

1998 ONLY HUMAN Commissioned by HMR, Sweden for the 50th anniversary of The Declaration of Human Rights, performed in 1998, directed by Suzanne Osten.

1996 EX-YU Commissioned by The Tricycle Theatre, London, produced in May 1996. Directed by Nicholas Kent.

1995 IT’S NOW OR NEVER Produced by an informal group and presented at the Dramski Teatar, Skopje.

1994 OLD MAN CARRYING STONES Commissioned and produced by the Green Candle Company, London, premiered at the Lilian Baylis Theatre at Sadler’s Wells, London

1991 GOTSE Produced for “Makedonsko Oro” by the Canadian-Macedonian Federation, Toronto, Canada, 1991.


TV plays:

1994 MIRA’S OASIS New Year’s Eve TV show produced by TV Skopje, Macedonia

1981 DIVLJE MESO Produced by TV Belgrade

1980 TUMBA, TUMBA, DIVINA Produced by TV Skopje

1978 TOME OD BENZINSKATA PUMPA (Tom from the Petrol Station) TV film, produced by TV Skopje

1977 SOSLUSUVANJETO NA ZELEZNICAROT (The Interrogation of the railwayman) TV film, produced by TV Skopje

1974 KLINC (The Clinch) TV play, produced and broadcast by The Macedonian National Television in 1975. Also produced two more times as a stage play.


TV serials:

1998 NASE MAALO (Our Neighbourhood) Story bible for children’s TV series commissioned by CTW, Children’s Television Network, New York, the makers of Sesame Street. Produced by Search For Common Ground. First series broadcast 2001.

1996 AIRLIJA TRANZICIJA (Long Live Transition) in six instalments commissioned by USAID and produced by Mala Stanica, Skopje.

1985 BUSAVA AZBUKA (The Crazy Alphabet) TV series for children in 31 instalments. Produced by Macedonian National Broadcasting Service.)

1979 NASI GODINI (The Years of Our Lives) TV drama serial in 6 installments. Produced by Macedonian National Broadcasting Service.)


Film scripts:

2007 WHAT DO YOU WANT, script for short film  based on etching and interview with Nick Burton, edited by Andy Birtwistle

2007 FRAU EINSTEIN Doctoring of feature film script for Hammer production, Novi Sad, Serbia.

2005 WALTER AND VIRGINIA First draft of feature film script commissioned by Get Film, Stockholm. Directed by Suzanne Osten.

1987, 2001 and 2011 DO BALCAK (Wild Wild East) Feature film script. Optioned by Watershed Productions, London, awaiting production.

1991 PARIGI-ISTRA Script for a part of an omnibus feature film, produced  in Croatia, directed by Rajko Grlic.

1988, HI-FI Feature film script produced by The Vardar Film Company, Skopje, Macedonia. Directed by Vladimir Blazevski.